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Holiday Cottages with Your Canine Friend

If you are a dog-lover, then it is totally natural to take your four-legged friend on holiday with you to enjoy a Cornish adventure, so check out these dog-friendly properties, one of which will be perfect for you and your furry one/s.

A Dream Cottage with your pooch in Cornwall

If your holiday is not a real holiday without your dog, then our welcoming dog-friendly properties are right up your street.  These are designed for you and your canine companion to enjoy some proper fun Cornish adventures together.

Dogs are important family members, so if you are a ‘pet-parent’ then it is only natural to share your relaxing holiday time here with your treasured companion.  Kennels are just not the same, somehow.  With your dog at your side, you know s/he is happy and cared for – it’s where dogs simply love to be.

Our Dog Friendly Properties Go Above and Beyond

Brilliantly, our properties which are pet-friendly go over and above, with many providing special facilities for your furry friend, from special doggy welcome packs, to outdoor showers to remove sand from shaggy coats and mud from playful paws.  If the property is dog-friendly, then you have no worries about staying there with your well-behaved favourite/s.

Cornish coves are just right for running, ball-catching, wave-chasing and exploring.  Never will your pet find so many sticks to retrieve as driftwood is a given, on Cornish beaches.

While summer has some dog restrictions on beaches, many are dog-friendly, and during low season, nearly all are suitable for you and your pet.

Our dog-friendly section in our special Guide will tell you which beaches will be especially welcoming and which cafes/restaurants enjoy doggy company, too.

Remember that the Cornish cliffs can be unforgiving, and your dog’s safety is paramount, so keep your dog/s on a lead near the cliff edges.  No matter how beautifully behaved normally, your pet is in new territory with different sights and smells, so it is all very exciting – they may dash off in pursuit of a bird or rabbit, so keep them safe for the best holiday memories you can have.  Also, remember that dogs overheat very quickly, so on hot days, avoid the car and remember that sand can get very hot on sensitive paws and pads.  Early mornings and evenings on sunny days are perfect times for your pet, and the beaches are generally emptier, too.  Of course, it goes without saying, when you clear up after your dog, you will be very welcome in Cornish communities and on the beaches.  For fabulous walks, make the most of Cornwall’s spectacular 250-mile coastline, with over 300 beaches, and coast path.

Take your canine friend for a drink with you 

Many wonderful pubs, restaurants and art galleries welcome your pet.  There is lots of helpful information in our Guide, but The Dog-Friendly Cornwall website is also worth a visit.  It focuses on places to visit which love dogs rather than tolerate them, so you can be assured of a warm welcome. It includes dog grooming and walking services, which may just come in useful.

We look forward to seeing you and your most precious pets in the Cornish countryside during your Cornish Secrets stay.