Weather, Tides & Surf

You're never more than 20 miles from the sea in Cornwall, and each beach has something different to offer. As a rule of thumb, there are two high tides and two low tides each day but the size of the tides change over the month. But as a basic guide, the tides change roughly every six hours which is worth bearing in mind if you're out and about exploring Cornwall's coast. Low tide can open up some wonderful walking opportunities, hot footing from beach to beach, while some beaches completely disappear during high tide.

Seasoned surfers know the tides like the back of their hand. It's said that the best
tide for surfing is usually anywhere from an hour after low tide to an hour before high. This is due to rip currents going out to sea are much more likely on an outgoing tide, so catching a wave after low on an incoming tide is your best chance.

North Cornwall is home to some of the UK's best surfing spots, and probably Britain's best known coast for it, with Newquay, Polzeath and Bude being big names. Fear not, wherever you are in Cornwall you're never far from catching a wave.

Here you'll find information on popular Cornish hotspots on weather, tide times and surf reports...