Dog Friendly

Dog Friendly

Holidays are times to relax with those you love most and for many of us, that includes our four-legged friends. If you are mad about your dog/s (and why wouldn’t you be?) then this is the section for you.

Let's get social...

The Cornish may say 'do it dreckly', but we like to keep you up-to-date with all the latest news, stories and reviews.

Pet-friendly accommodation saves on the cost of kennels but also means you have your pet close at hand for family fun. You will see more of the great outdoors with your dog at your side. Your dog always wants a walk, and they won’t mind whether it is beach or coast path, hill or valley.

As your dog is always willing to go anywhere with you (unconditional love is a wonderful thing) you want dog-friendly places where you can arrive stress-free from the beach where your dog has had a run, all ready for a hot drink, some great food and even the odd dog biscuit.

If you want to meet the locals, then your well-behaved dog is a great conversation starter.

So, our guide tells you where the dog-friendly beaches are, the best cafes for a warm welcome, and which pubs will happily greet them, too. From where to go ‘walk about’ to where to grab a bite to eat, we have done the work for you to make your holiday much more chilled.

Please keep your dog safely on a lead near cliffs or if walking on farmland.