Cornwall's wildlife to see

Cornwall’s unique diversity of landscape makes it home to many species of animals, fish and plants. Both on land and at sea, there is a plethora of wildlife to be found in the varied eco-systems provided by the area’s coastal and inland areas. Although the terrain can be tough, species acclimatise to colonise cliffs and marshes.

Native marine animals include seals and beautifully sleek basking sharks. Tidal estuaries like the Camel Estuary are a perfect place for wading birds, and otters, but if it’s water voles you like, try the Bude canal where they have been reintroduced.

Down on the south coast, you will see beautiful birds such as vibrant yellowhammers and goldfinches. In many places during autumn, you will see the mass aerial stunt of a starling ‘murmuration’ – the birds’ swooping and diving in unison is truly breath-taking, a sight you will never forget.

Rabbits, badgers, hares, bats, foxes, wild horses and ponies, even deer, all live here – and now even beavers have been reintroduced.
Don’t forget smaller creatures, such as frogs and butterflies, lizards, moths and slow worms, which all contribute to the area’s ecology, but also the fine flora.

In summer, the cliffs are jewelled with golden gorse and tourmaline thrift, all of which provide amazing photo opportunities to remind you of your fabulous holiday.