Nature Activities & Clubs

The best way to see nature is up close and personal, so surfers often report seeing seals, and walkers often see birds of prey and clifftop wildlife.

If you are sparked by adrenaline, then you might want to try some Cornish diving clubs, or for the more sedate, snorkelling. Paddle boarding is another fun way to see the natural world from the water, and can be undertaken at sea or on rivers.

For the less active, never fear, as there are numerous nature boat tours you can try if you want to see sharks and seals, or even a breathtakingly beautiful pod of dolphins. Nature is, of course, unpredictable, so sights can never be guaranteed but local boat-owners know the best places to see sea life, such as pretty puffins, and guillemots of many varieties, nestling in the cliffs away from predators.

If rivers are your preference, then a cruise on a Cornish boat will take you along inland waterways for estuary birds and mammals plus pretty plants and flowers.

See our wildlife guide for the best ways and places to immerse yourself in nature in Cornwall.