Best Cafes & Tearooms in Cornwall

Cafes & Tearooms

Cafes and Tearooms

You all know that feeling when you have been for a walk on the beach, or exploring a town or attraction and suddenly lose a little energy, feeling the need for refreshments.

This is when you simply want a cuppa and a snack rather than a full-blown meal, a little sugar-rush after all the fresh air and sightseeing. Maybe a savoury Cornish pasty or scrumptious cream tea is in order. Somewhere which sells affordable comfort food would be ideal.

Nonetheless, you still want to choose wisely and buy well, to support small, independent local businesses who go that extra mile to provide something just a little special.

In our guide, we suggest tearooms with ambience and character, ones that go over and above to be just a little different, places you might not otherwise know about during your holiday.

They may be nostalgic or even vintage, but they are also places to get a jolly good cup of tea of coffee! A good café thrives on excellent customer service, so we have checked out the greatest locations, the best quality food and drink, and the warmest of welcomes.

We have found the loveliest tearooms, artisan coffee shops and cafes just for you, so the choice is yours.