Hot Tub Holiday Cottages in Cornwall

Hot Tub Cottages In Cornwall

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Holiday Cottages with Hot Tubs

There’s something decidedly decadent about a hot tub, a perfect highlight of your luxury holiday accommodation, be it autumn, winter, spring or summer. A soak in the tub is just what’s needed to relax at the end of a day’s exploring, as the hot water soothes your skin, massaging your muscles after the day’s adventures. Choose accommodation with a hot tub and your staycation will reach new heights.

Beautiful Cornish Cottages with Hot Tubs

Check out our fabulous properties equipped with ‘wow factor’ luxurious hot tubs as the soothing ‘scandi-chic’ fulfilment of your holiday dreams.

Here in glorious Cornwall, you can turn superb into sublime with therapeutic outdoor bathing in the most gorgeous surroundings.

Hot tubs originated with the ancient Greeks who knew a thing or two. Back in 1500BC, they built pools around volcanic springs to capture the water for healing and relaxation. Of course, things have moved on apace since then.

With a whole raft of soothing benefits from calming jet streams of water, to cutting edge comfort, we now have today’s all-singing, all-dancing hot tubs which are now also eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

Why choose Cornish Secrets for your Hot Tub Getaway?

Our cottages and glamping accommodation with hot tubs have superb scenery, too, in locations with rural or sea views, perfect for sundowners or stargazing. Nestled away from the stresses and strains, having some hydrotherapy of your very own is the stuff of dreams.

There’s really no good reason not to …

For rest and replenishment, not to mention a healthy glow, sit back and relax, calmed and soothed by hydrotherapy. The caress of hot water and bubbles makes a wonderful start or end to the day in the privacy of your own accommodation, a sanctuary from day-to-day stresses. Buoyancy soothes your body, while water massage stimulates the release of feel-good endorphins.

The health benefits of water and hydrotherapy are well-known, from relief of muscular aches after a strenuous walk on the beach or coast path, or from using new muscles trying out surfing; improved circulation; and better-quality sleep. Raising your body temperature relaxes your muscles, making it so much easier to sleep beautifully in your super-comfy bed.

A family holiday is all about quality family time together. A communal group soak keeps you all interacting, talking, laughing and listening. Perfect. All those things which impact on quality time are left out of sight: mobiles, laptops, tablets, TVs, so you can focus on each other and really engage. We can bet you will have trouble getting the children out!

A romantic hot tub getaway for couples in Cornwall

For couples, a hot tub for two surrounded by nature adds a real touch of intimacy and romance. Slip into the bubbles with your partner, and cherish your time together as you sip and dip. Indulge in some champagne under the stars. Of course, even when it is frosty outside, you stay warm in your relaxing hot tub, the temperature contrast making it even more therapeutic and relaxing.

Our larger properties have hot tubs suitable for groups, so extended family or friend groups can also enjoy the luxury of a hot soak.