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Our passion is showing the world Cornwall’s most beautiful homes. Turns out we’re not very good at keeping secrets to ourselves and have been sharing your beautiful properties to holiday makers for over a decade.

We’re not playing a numbers game; we handpick our properties to ensure quality over quantity, as looking after our owners is paramount to our business. We work closely with holiday homeowners to provide a local yet luxury service. While you’re receiving a premium service we keep our rates at an incredibly reasonable rate, in fact we offer the lowest commission fee to ensure you make the most out of your investment.

Cornish Secrets thrives on our love of Cornwall. With a spirit all of its own, it isn’t hard to see why so many choose to holiday here every year. We know the appeal all too well, as our team is lucky enough to live here all year round. By choosing Cornish Secrets you have access to a truly independent local team. And naturally, because we love this wonderful county, we want to look after it, so sustainability is a big driving force of ours.

All of our holiday homes are unique and have to have that special touch to be part of our portfolio. Your property deserves to be taken care of, which is why we pride ourselves on our service both to owners and guests. We also work with a team of marketing experts, some of the best photographers in the south west and professional copywriters to get the best out of your Cornish Secret.


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From top tips on enhancing your holiday home, to how your guests can use local services to take their holiday experience to the next level.

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