How to buy or sell a holiday home in Cornwall

Secrets for Sale: How to buy or sell a holiday home in Cornwall

Secrets for Sale: How to buy or sell a holiday home in Cornwall

Date Posted: 12 Jul 2022

Are you looking to start your holiday home journey, or perhaps wanting to sell an existing self-catering property? Here at Cornish Secrets we’ve over a decade of experience speaking to owners and prospective owners, but what do you need to consider buying or selling a holiday home in Cornwall?

With flight prices rocketing, not to mention airport chaos, and many of us now enjoying the flexibility of hybrid working, naturally many are considering purchasing a holiday home. And what better location than beautiful Cornwall? With its impressive coastline, open spaces and rich history, and let’s not forget the world’s finest larders.

We launched our Secrets for Sale section to inspire those looking for their next property investment. We only list properties that we’d be happy to be part of the Cornish Secrets portfolio, to give buyers peace of mind that they’re making a smart choice.

Needless to say that finding a property in Cornwall is no easy feat. Mark Clements, partner at Bond Oxborough Phillips, one of the leading estate agents in North Cornwall and neighbouring North Devon, comments on the county’s popularity: “The housing market in Cornwall is extremely competitive. There is a serious lack of supply in the area which has driven the demand up.”

While the housing craze may have calmed down since the covid-induced spike in 2020/21 the demand on this corner of the country is still present. “We saw a lot of buyers seeking a holiday last year, but this was mainly due to covid and the public unable to travel abroad. Therefore buyers looked for alternative and Cornwall is without doubt high on the list for a second home,” says Mark. He continues: “Anything near the sea or even better with a sea view are excellent destinations for tourist and typically achieve more bookings throughout the year.”

If you’re on the other side of the fence, and you’re wanting to sell your existing property for ventures new, then Mark suggests having a proven track record of its earnings, “This helps buyers see the value of their investment,” he explains. If you work with a travel agent like Cornish Secrets, your property management will easily be able to provide this for you.

Like most things, speed is key when securing a holiday home in Cornwall. When we asked Mark for any tips, he suggests getting the necessary finances in place. He continues: “Typical holiday homes such as cottages attract a lot of interest and can be snapped up within hours!” Plus, if you’re requiring a mortgage, it’s worth knowing that there are specific lenders for holiday homes.


While it may be a competitive market, finding the correct holiday home for you can not only be somewhere for you to personally escape the hustle and bustle, but a solid investment too. As a holiday home owner, you may choose to manage the property yourself. Or, allow a travel agents to deal with the daily running. Here at Cornish Secrets we aim to make property management plain sailing. We work with a range of local professionals – from cleaning staff to electricians – who we have built trusted relationships over the span of a decade. Our association with the best in the business can ensure you have the right team working with you and your property.

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