Should I allow pets in my holiday home?

Date Posted: 20 Dec 2021

Thinking of entering the world of holiday lets? You may want to consider being a pet-friendly property. Here's why...

We often get asked whether to be listed as a pet-friendly property. At Cornish Secrets we simply advise on our built-up knowledge but always ensure that property owners are happy with their choices. However, we ultimately want owners to get the most out of their investment.

With over 470 million dogs kept as pets worldwide and the population of dogs in the UK in 2020/21 estimated at 12.5 million, the dog industry is big business. Of course not every pet owner takes their pooch on holiday, but given Cornwall’s incredible beaches, expansive spaces and chilled out status, it’s not surprising that many want to bring their four-legged friends on their Cornish getaway.

We can’t deny that there’s extra cleaning and work involved when a property accepts pets. We always ensure permission has been granted prior to a stay to ensure owners can take the necessary precautions, include doggy treats, blankets and bowls and allow for extra cleaning time. And it’s this attention to detail which will see guests returning and shouting about your property.

At Cornish Secrets we charge a nominal fee per dog, per week, and properties tend to accept one or two dogs. This way it covers any associated costs and keeps all parties happy. We do recommend stipulating a few ‘house rules’ to avoid any damage.


Cornish Secrets Pet Code
• We only accept well-behaved dogs. Pets should always be under the owner’s control.
• Under no circumstance, can pets be left alone in the property.
• No pets in the bedrooms or on the furniture.
• Always clean up after your pet, this includes any outside areas and gardens.

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