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Q&A with Cornwall’s private chef, Dave Sargent

Date Posted: 17 Aug 2021

Born and raised in North Cornwall, you don’t get much more local than private chef Dave Sargent. A passion for cooking began bubbling from a young age, and Dave has always worked in the south west. In 2007, his food journey took a new turn as he began his dream job; creating bespoke gastronomic events, bringing the restaurant into people’s homes.

Dave lives and breathes Cornwall, living along the rugged coast line he personally sources all the ingredients. As you’d expect, on his creative menus you’ll find an abundance of fresh fish caught that very day.

The GCG, catch up with Chef Sargent to chat all things cooking and Cornish.

Cornwall is known for its wonderful produce, which is your favourite to cook with at the moment?
My favourite produce right now has to be Cornish raspberries, strawberries and lobster.

Favourite time of the year for cooking?
Summer is a great time of year to cook as there is an abundance of produce, but any time of the year is great because it tests your skills.

If you were cooking for the GCG team, what would your three courses be?
For this time of year, I would cook you smoked chicken ravioli with a roasted walnut basil sauce, followed by a lobster tomato salad and Cornish potatoes, ending with a raspberry vanilla cheesecake.

What do you enjoy most about being a chef?
The best part about being a private chef is that I get to travel all over the country, meeting some interesting people and getting to cook in some cool locations too!

What goes first jam or cream?
I’m a Cornishman, do I need to answer that?

What’s your favourite beach in Cornwall?
Either Millook near Bude or Poldhu Cove near Mullion.

Surf or bodyboard?
I wouldn’t have a clue about surfing or bodyboarding, I have never done either.

Do you have a favourite Cornish saying or phrase?
I don’t think it’s Cornish but sounds it, and the word is… ideal.

Any Cornish businesses you’d like to give a shout out to?
There are so many great businesses here in Cornwall, especially here in Bude. Neetfield is a great new business, growing some amazing veg; Sally Napier is a jewellery maker but in lockdown started making wooden and slate boards, partly covered in resin which I use for presentation and they are just stunning; Electric Bakery – just go and you will know why I love it!

Norton Barton Artisan Food Village make various charcuteries, biscuits for cheese and some delicious rum, based at Launcells just outside of Bude. If you’re into surfing Freewave Surf Academy down at Widemouth Bay provide the best lessons. Trev’s Taxis also needs a mention as he does so much for the local community and provides a great service!

Describe Cornwall in three words.
Relaxed beautiful and… ideal.

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