Travel & Parking

Travel and parking

While most people come to Cornwall by car these days, given the grand old romantic days of steam are long gone, this section helps to take the pain out of parking and suggests the best travel routes.

Often, you can drive on fairly empty Cornish roads in low season, but in the summer, when it is busy, the A30 gets rather fuller (remember Cornwall has no motorways) and the town car parks quite a bit busier.

Some places are especially known for parking issues (often the most picturesque as they were here long before cars) so we give you the inside knowledge on where to try parking, whether to get a weekly pass, and which places to avoid. We also give you the heads-up on extra facilities like toilets, and advise if there are steps or steep inclines.

There are also private car parks and park and ride facilities in some areas which are used by locals and work well for visitors, too.

Our guide also suggests alternative travel such as trains (popular around St Ives) and even arriving by boat (an excellent idea if visiting Falmouth). Once again, we have done the work for you to make your holiday as relaxing and stress-free as possible, so make sure you check this section of the guide.