Best Pubs in Cornwall

Pubs & Inns

Pubs & Inns

Good pubs are wonderful. For a warm welcome, with fantastic food and quality beer, a pub with an open fire and flagstone floor (ideally where you can hold a conversation) is hard to beat.

Not all pubs are that old but they can still ooze friendly atmosphere.

Whatever the place, it needs to be provide visitors with homemade, gutsy seasonal foods at reasonable prices, with beautiful beer and a short, sharp wine list. Fortunately, Cornwall has plenty that fit the bill.

If you go to a pub or inn in Cornwall, you are opening yourself up to a new world. Pubs in fishing villages, for example, tend to have a smuggling history or a local legend to discover. Some are just quirkily unusual, so we have hand-picked a selection of the best for you here, where gardens run down to the waterside or offer a rural view to commit to memory.

Cornwall has its own lager (Korev) but mainly focuses on ales from micro-breweries, edgy craft-keg beers, chilled ciders and more recently, home-grown gins and rums. With many pubs also upping their food game, a trip to an inn can now be a tasty treat with drinks to match. Here are some to try …