Cornwall Spas & Wellness

Make the most of your quota of ‘me time’ on holiday in Cornwall. Letting your mind and body wander lends itself to feeling good. Try wave-watching in wide open spaces, deeply breathing in the wonderful clean air – here you will find your zen.

Perhaps you love a little pampering, or want a more structured experience? Cornwall lets you escape to superb spas with not only fabulous facilities but also spectacular scenery. Many Cornish spas are in amazing locations to allow all your cares to gently slip away. From guided meditations, to wellness workshops and luxurious hydrotherapy pools, you can completely unwind and return home oozing positivity, focused on your own wellbeing and mindfulness.

Being in the sea air with sand beneath your feet is revitalising in itself. Add in a few specially formulated treatments and we can promise you a full recharge.

Best spa days in Cornwall

Editor Rebecca Moore yearns for a generous dose of relaxation, embarking on a quest to find rejuvenation at the best spas in Cornwall...