Boobys Bay, Padstow

The curiously named Booby’s Beach is dog-friendly all year round. There is also a Booby’s Bay walk, moderate in difficulty but which your dog, on a lead when by the cliffs, will surely love. This gives you marvellous views over the bay.

You are bound to wonder from where the beach got its name, and may be surprised that it comes from a gannet-like bird called the booby. Some suggest it may come from the Spanish for ‘stupid’ as the birds were quite tame so were easily captured and eaten by sailors. Whatever, it generally arouses a giggle!

The brilliant beach for you and your dog, accessible at low tide and completely covered at high, is a short walk from the National Trust car park.

A rocky spot, it is ideal for your dog to clamber around, with beautiful golden sand beyond. Mere humans may find the wet rocks slippery, however, so do be careful.

With no commercial trappings, it is divine dog-walking country, and you may be treated to a sighting of a seal or dolphin, too, as it is nowhere near as crowded as nearby Constantine beach.

The cliffs here are very steep, so do be careful if walking cliff top and keep your dog on a lead, but you will enjoy some wonderful views from on high, too.

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