Port Isaac Beach

Despite being a pretty fishing village, Port Isaac (Port Wenn in Doc Martin) has a small but sandy beach, built around the harbour’s twin piers.

High cliffs shelter it from the wind, but you will see boats and fishing gear (primarily for shell fish) on the beach, which adds character (and sometimes a rather fishy aroma, which you soon get used to). It is occasionally possible to park at the beach, but it is better to park at the car park on the edge of the village which provides a pleasant walk down to the harbour with sea views all the way.

The village itself somehow spills down onto the beach, so the local shops, cafes and restaurants are all readily to hand for drinks, seafood, fudge or ice cream. The coast path has various handy access points from here, too, so you get a good view of the beach from on high. Of course, many people visit the village and the beach, falling in love with it because of its Doc Martin and Fisherman’s friends links.

The beach itself is a compact but fine place to explore. If you are lucky, you may find sea glass here. Sea glass is weathered glass from bottles and jars which people have discarded. It becomes refined and recycled by the sea and used to make pretty jewellery or just to collect.

Don’t forget Port Gaverne beach which is next to Port Isaac, with its full-of-life rock pools and paddleboarding, and at low tide, some sand.

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