10 Interior Design Tips for your Holiday Home

10 Interior Design Tips for your Holiday Home

10 Interior Design Tips for your Holiday Home

Date Posted: 12 Dec 2022

Interior designer Chloe Morris shares with Cornish Secrets her top ten tips for maximising your holiday home’s potential.

While Pinterest stalking, Instagram scrolling and flicking through interior magazine can give plenty of ideas on decorating your home – holiday or otherwise – interior design isn’t a one size-fits-all.

But in order to get your guests shouting about where they’re staying and more importantly returning, the key is in the detail… from manicured landscaped gardens to choosing the best colour palette that pops in the Cornish sunshine.



Chloe Morris is a Cornish-based interior designer, with 20 years’ experience of designing interiors for coastal and country properties. With a diploma in interior design, alongside qualifications in CAD design, and a longstanding professional career using local trades and craftsmen, Chloe is well-positioned to deliver you the best service and the most effortlessly stylish finish for your home. She shares with us, her top ten interior design tips.

Chloe Morris interior design

1)You’ve made the bed… now lie in it!

I always recommend clients to stay at the property, as it is the best way to experience the property as your guests will. Instantly you will see any tiny issues which you can deal with to make the client’s stay seamless.

2) Go with the flow

You will want to maximise the space to return the best income, but the word space is key. Holidaymakers don’t want to feel shoehorned into a property, concentrate on their movement around the space – this should decide where furniture goes rather than the furniture deciding where they go!

Cornish Secrets property: No 5, Gwel Marten

3) Room with a view

Many holiday homes have their best features on the outside, so make sure this is made the best use of and let the eye be drawn toward this. If the property is blessed to be near the sea, plan all the furniture to face it, but ensure no furniture is placed to block the eyeline to this priceless gem.

Chloe Morris Interior design

4) Style and substance

First impressions really count. You want your holiday home to create a unique first impression that leaves guests wanting to return, and wanting to show the space off on social media, which is the best free advertising out there. Stylish interiors can be achieved on any budget, as one or two key pieces can transform a room and make it memorable and mentionable!

Chloe Morris interior design

5) Cool coastal

Coastal design is timeless, however in recent years it has been a little over ‘seagulled’! A nod to the coastal area is far more stylish and subtle – think of the coastline rather than coastal activities or creatures. I like to work with natural elemental touches that echo the palette of the coast; soft oaks, linens and leathers work well.

Chloe Morris interior design

6) Brave and beautiful

Having lived by the sea all my life I love the gentle seaside hues, but I also appreciate the drama of a stormy St Ives sky – inky blues with crisp white horses, autumn cliffs, bold green with burnished oranges. I use these natural palettes to inspire the addition of colour – to some properties colour is called for everywhere and enhances every nook and cranny, for others just the odd gentle pop softens the space and can add an extra layer to the design.

Chloe Morris interior design

7) Blank canvas

Rewind a decade and every holiday homeowner painted their home brilliant white and hung a ‘gone surfing’ canvas, and it was job done. Holiday home clients are now more discerning, they want more from their home and your holiday home deserves to look its best, too!

While bright white can still add to a very modern minimalist home to help create that art gallery curated effect, an off-white can be so much warmer and indeed brighter than a harsh white. It can change beautifully with the seasons, so it provides a warmer backdrop for those off-season bookings, where you want your holiday home to be warmer and cosier .

If you aren’t brave enough to get some colour on the walls, put some into the furnishings! Cushions, throws and don’t feel the need to over co-ordinate! A rainbow wouldn’t be half so beautiful if it was a repetition of two colours.

Chloe Morris interior design

8) Investment

Your holiday home is an investment and to make the best return you need to be reaching the clients you want. Holidaymakers are now expecting more from their holiday homes, they don’t just want a base – they want an experience – this is far easier to create than you may think.

Excellent quality linens, woolen throws to snuggle up with, beautiful candles, carefully selected reading material and toys are worth investing in, these will make your photos stand out, and they will soon return the investment you have made in them!

Chloe Morris interior design

9) Add a sprinkling of soul

Holiday makers want to take home special memories, a lot of these will be made on our glorious beaches however many will be made in your holiday homes! But you may need to help them on their way, think picnic baskets with crockery and cutlery ready to go, cocktails and coffee stations, and don’t forget the music. The best summer evenings include great tunes, so a vintage record player and a few vinyl or the access to the latest Sonos system – the ambience is part of the atmosphere you are selling!

Keep your holiday makers happy from sunrise to sunset with a great first drink and a great set up for a sundowner.

Chloe Morris interior design

10) Kernow

If you are lucky enough to have a holiday home in Cornwall, you have a magic ingredient right there for you… the Cornish! Try, if possible, to use as many local producers, artefacts as you can… artwork, cushions, throws compliment the location. Holiday makers love the authenticity of Cornwall, so give them the most grass roots experience you can.

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