Nathan Outlaw's New Road launches new dining experience

Nathan Outlaw’s New Road launches new dining experience

Nathan Outlaw’s New Road launches new dining experience

Date Posted: 28 Sep 2022

Nathan Outlaw’s ‘New Road’ is taking seafood cookery to the next level in the popular harbour village of Port Isaac

Michelin Star holder, BBC Great British Menu hero and as close to being seen as Cornish as possible – the chef was actually born in Kent – Nathan Outlaw continues to make waves on the Cornish food scene.

Both his New Road and Fish Kitchen are known as the crème de la crème of Cornish eating, and as a new season arrives, the chef has announced a revised format, which launched on 20 September for his New Road restaurant.


Outlaw's new road SousedMullet,Carrot,Ginger copy
Outlaw's new road Bass,PorthillySauce copy

Currently offering two sittings per service, the team will be devoting their time to creating a unique experience, for fewer total guests across one single sitting. “We see the changes as a natural progression to what we do currently, and it will give our guests the time and comfort to experience a meal devoted to exhibiting seafood cookery in distinct and memorable ways. We want to show the world just how good the seafood off our coast is,” explained Nathan Outlaw.


With one sitting per service, and a maximum of 30 covers, it’s recommended to allow three hours for the luxury seafood experience. Exclusively serving a seafood tasting menu priced at £175 per person, Outlaw’s New Road will present a selection of unique and exceptional dishes, curated by Nathan and his team of dedicated chefs.

By introducing the revised format, Nathan and his team intends to extend the experience with a better array of luxurious seafood and first-class ingredients, along with new techniques and methods for seafood preparation. “We know that with the amendments, we will have the freedom to explore our cuisine without boundaries, and in doing so, fully showcase our expertise,” said Nathan.

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Reservations for the revised offering are now available, with a strict 90-day advance booking policy. Opening from Tuesday to Saturday for dinner and Friday and Saturday for lunch.

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