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Welcome to Cornish Secrets our vision is very simple, driven by our passion for Cornwall and the true spirit that lies within this enchanting coastal destination.

Cornwall is forever changing and evolving due to creative individuals who also love to share their passion for Cornwall.  Through their carefully and lovingly crafted beautiful homes and unique stays you can experience, relax, enjoy and make your own unforgettable memories from their Cornish Secrets.

Whether it be the iconic VW camper van exploring the open cornish coastal roads, trying to find that perfect wave or foodie spot or maybe you prefer  luxurious glamping or our extraordinary stays that have that special wow factor.  We feel so lucky and honoured to share and love them all and it never ceases to amaze us the new secrets that are continually created within our beautiful part of the world.

We love to spend endless hours and time searching so you don’t have to, finding special secrets all displayed on one lovingly crafted site especially for you to find your personal secret that ticks all your boxes.

Our team would love to hear from you if you have a secret to share or if we can assist you find that unforgettable secret stay for everlasting Cornish memories.

 Cornish Secrets has been managing Treleigh, our holiday house in St Ives since we opened for guests in 2013. From creating a great video and photographs to go on the website, to a flexible booking service, Cornish Secrets have always promoted Treleigh so that we have enjoyed stress free bookings and happy guests. Thank you Cornish Secrets.
Jeff and Nikki

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