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Conveying the right message to your potential guests is key and an online presence is essential in the marketplace today, to make sure that your property is seen on the right platforms, by the right people.

Cornish Secrets believe that an organically grown audience that share our values result in quality bookings, that will return year on year. Our platforms look to keep our audience engaged by sharing a variety of content including what we believe are Cornwall’s best secret places and people along with wowing our fans with our inspirational property listings.

The world of social media is ever changing and our team are specialists in keeping up with the latest industry trends and developments to make sure that we are always ahead of the curve.

From Facebook posts to Instagram TV, we have a variety of tools available designed to draw in our audience, start a conversation and highlight your property.

The major social media platforms are keen to push live video content and therefore it is prioritised in their newsfeeds. We use live video to bring your property and the places of Cornwall into focus. Not all video has to be live though and pre-recorded video also ranks highly in the preferred content for Facebook and Instagram. Our team can take aerial footage and video tours of your property to be shared online with our audience and really make your property sparkle.

We also use Facebook and Instagram stories to share live ‘in the moment’ posts. They have a lifespan of 24 hours are a fun way to be discovered by new audiences. We can produce professional quality stories about your property to inspire and draw in potential guests, inviting them to discover more about what you offer.

Beautiful photography taken by our team or your existing property images can be shared across our social media accounts. We produce videos, slideshows and carousel of images for your property. Along with sharing inspirational imagery,, we understand that vital to any social media plan is engagement. We spend time engaging with our online community, not only making sure that that we are engaging on our own posts but also being proactive in our outward engagement. Outward engagement online is time consuming but worth the investment. Building relationships with our audience is vital to the success of Cornish Secrets and its secret owners.

In addition to all of the above, often now, social media is the first place that customers or potential customers will go to find out more about a holiday let and this is where we make sure that our customer service shines. These days, many people prefer online messages instead of picking up the phone, as it is an easy way to get in touch. We appreciate that and fully embrace delivering the same level of service as if it were a phone call, email or face to face query. Incoming queries are dealt with promptly and efficiently on your behalf.

We appreciate that social media can be a daunting, so if there is anything that you need to know that we haven’t covered here, then call us on 01288 362 172 or email us at and we will be happy to help you.

Holiday Home Video and Photography Specialists

Quality photography and video are an integral part of attracting guests to stay at your property for their holiday. The images and videos that we use to showcase your holiday let tell a story and allow viewers to envisage their time away in your Cornish Secret.

That’s why we have made sure that our photographers and videographers bring technical excellence along with creativity, to ensure your property stands out amongst the competition.

Before your shoot, we will spend time with you to determine what aspects of your property, and its surroundings, you would like to capture. Understanding your vision is central to making sure that we deliver a set of images and videos that will secure bookings from the types of guests that you would like to book with you.

Our drone operators are fully licensed and are knowledgeable about the legalities surrounding aerial footage, making sure that your video is fully compliant. Aerial footage and photography of your property lets it be experienced from a different viewpoint that will draw viewers into your stunning Cornish setting. Our drone operators will create footage that show not only your property from the air but the beautiful Cornish landscape that your property is sits in.

We don’t stop there, we have gone to lengths to recruit Cornwall’s most experienced and professional property photographers, who have the equipment and knowledge to showcase the interior and exterior of property in its best light. Using creative shots, we shoot the big picture and the small details to convey the essence of a stay at your property. From light and airy pictures to cozy rich tones, our photography will sell your holiday experience.

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