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We Review: Strong Adolfos, Wadebridge

Date Posted: 28 Jul 2022

Our Editor Rebecca Moore finds herself at her favourite roadside cafe once more, she tells us why it’s the perfect pitstop. 

When you hear the term roadside café, you’re probably picturing a greasy spoon with a beige heavy menu and some questionable decor. What you’re not considering is Strong Adolfos. Reinventing the conceptions since it landed just outside of Wadebridge in 2013, for me Strong Adolfos knocks it out of the park time and time again.

The perfect pitstop situated on the main road out of Wadebridge on the way to Padstow and beyond, it’s open daily from 8:30am until 4pm. And I’d be a liar if I didn’t say I swing by 80 per cent of the time I drive past. But overriding convenience is downright delicious food, quaffable coffee and a friendly face welcoming you at the door, that sees this diner prevail.

Breakfast-, brunch- and lunch-lovers are well catered for (so is your four-legged friend, too). My latest visit, after frequenting nearby Rock, was a particularly balmy day. A natural choice was a cooling iced coffee. They serve speciality coffee sourced through Origin Coffee Roasters to ensure caffeine fixes are well taken care of. Those of a smoothie persuasion will not be disappointed either.

Breakfast is served until 11am, and we were just in time to place the last order. Faced with my usual culinary dilemma, I concluded at the Mexicano brioche. A practically bursting brioche bun filled with two rashers of smoked back bacon, refried beans, avocado, mushroom, chilli cheese, tomatillo salsa and a dripping fried egg. It’s as messy as it sounds, but fortunately it comes equipped with a knife, which I surrendered to using. As always the flavours are incredibly fresh, creative and filling. And personally, it may have even topped their fluffy American pancakes.

If you’re visiting for lunch, you’re likely to face an equally tricky menu conundrum. A word of advice, head straight for the specials board, as it often tempts with imaginative salads, fish dishes and steak sandwiches. Burger enthusiasts are also sure to rejoice with the Strong Adolfos Burger.

While you can’t book, there’s plenty of seating inside and out, and certainly worth the queue on particularly busy days. Strong Adolfos, I’ll be back.

GCG Lobster
We’ve awarded Strong Adolfos near Wadebridge our Golden Lobster seal of approval and personally recommend it as somewhere to visit when in Cornwall.
We visited Strong Adolfos for breakfast on 12 June 2022.
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