Watergate Bay The Beach Hut

The Beach Hut, Watergate Bay

Date Posted: 24 Jun 2020

It may be British beachside but the cuisine at the Beach Hut Watergate Bay, is truly an international fusion of Mexican, Asian, Italian and more combined to create contemporary British cuisine, using local ingredients, while catering for an array of tastes.

The Beach Hut is vibrant, lively, energetic, where conversation is said to rival the noise of the sea. Chill out and have fun.

Right on the sand, it is one of the best beach-side hangouts, a relaxed atmosphere with views from floor to ceiling, attracting family and friends groups, dog-walkers and people straight from the beach. Yes, the floor gets a tad sandy… so you feel perfectly at ease taking your dog in with you.

The food all has just a little extra added, such as rosemary salt on the chips. Burgers are made with Cornish beef, and fish comes from local suppliers. Check out the Extreme Hot Chocolate with cream and marshmallows if you need a winter warmer.

So, when you’ve finished some energetic ball chasing and hole digging, or even wave chasing, then pop inside to relax with your four-legged friend to enjoy some lush food and drink in a super-friendly spot with a view.

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