Rock Beach

Date Posted: 2 Aug 2020

Dog-walking in this part of North Cornwall is a real treat, with endless possibilities for you and your favourite four-footed friend to explore.

Rock Beach also known as Brea Beach, is a glorious white sandy stretch, framed by dunes, with lovely long or short dog walks depending on tides. Early mornings are especially fabulous along the Camel Estuary, but it is dog-friendly all year round, and about as flat as a beach can get.

There are no strong waves or tides here, so it is perfect for children and dogs to romp around and play on the warm sand. In winter, it is even better as you will often find the expansive beach here pretty empty.

During low tide, Rock Beach links to Daymer Bay, providing you and your dog with a long stretch of sand and dunes, ideal for a game of fetch, or hide and seek.

If you have an lively pet, this is the perfect place to work off some energy.

There are also a number of dog-friendly eateries nearby.

If you are based in Padstow, it can be reached by the ferry to add another dimension to your visit.