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Charging your electric car in Cornwall

Date Posted: 4 Nov 2021

While Cornwall may be on the sleepy side, as a county we’re not as behind as people may think and are very welcoming of a greener future. According to Next Green Car,  at the end of the February 2022, there were more than 780,000 plug-in vehicles.

In the UK there are now over 50,000 charge point connectors, in 19,000 locations, with as many as 1000 new connectors going up every month, with Zap Map updating its statistics daily. As a number, that equates to more public places to charge than petrol stations.

You will of course find more charging points in built up areas and cities, but like the rest of the country, Cornwall’s electric car charging points continue to grow. Given that our county is wonderfully spread out, it’s worth preparing ahead if you’re considering a Cornish holiday or travelling in the Duchy with an electric car.

There are 3 different types of chargers; slow, fast and superfast. A slow charge will typically take between 6-12 hours, a fast charge is around 3-7 hours while a superfast charge can charge a car to 80 per cent in less than 40 minutes. Superfast chargers tend to be at service stations, supermarkets and petrol stations.

Here you’ll find our useful list of public electric charge points in Cornwall.

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