Blue shark

Blue Sharks

Date Posted: 13 Sep 2020

Blue sharks are strikingly beautiful, and speedy with it, but fortunately, they are very rarely harmful to humans. There are plenty of scary shark stories but the reality is rather different.

They are only in the Cornish sea in the summer months because they like cooler waters, ideally between 7-16 degrees. Sleek, torpedo-shaped elegant fish of up to two metres in length, their name comes from their metallic blue backs which varies in intensity as camouflage. They have very long pectoral fins, an amazing sight.

For food, they are agile hunters which dine on small fish and squid. You should not have to worry about them coming close when you swim or surf, as they mainly tend to be out about ten miles to sea and dive deep for an inky squid dinner.

If you have ever had the urge to swim with sharks, then there is an unmissable experience available in Cornwall for people who have competent diving skills and are happy in choppy waters. Available from August to October, these sessions have no cages. See the video for a ‘close encounter’ taste.

If the thought of swimming with one is a little too much, then why not try a sea safari to see sharks and other marine wildlife from a boat, or perhaps cage diving provides the close-up you want with the barrier you need.

The species is listed as ‘near threatened’ and is a Priority species in the UK’s Biodiversity Framework, so ‘catch’ one while you can.