Birds of Prey

Date Posted: 13 Sep 2020

Most people are fascinated by birds of prey, not least because of their aerial displays. Falcons and hawks hunt during the daytime but owls normally are night time creatures, so if you want to see owls, you really have to go to a sanctuary

Cornwall is home to many birds of prey from buzzards and owls to goshawks and peregrine falcons. As you walk or drive around, it is not unusual to see buzzards circling in the sky (or even coming in for the kill) but to be sure of a close-up sighting, try visiting the Cornish Bird of Prey Centre.

Based in rural St Columb, the Centre rehabilitates and rehomes injured birds of prey/raptors. There, you can book bird of prey handling sessions or even a falconry course. They also offer flight or static photography sessions where keen photographers can try for some impressive shots.

The Screech Owl Sanctuary is another option. Based at Indian Queens, you can see flying displays, and hear animal and owl talks. Some of the owls here have been hand-reared for educational purposes but they also rescue sick ones and rehabilitate them. You can buy falconry courses and owl handling sessions. For families with children who like to see other animals, too, there are also ponies, raccoons, meerkats and pygmy goats to see.

Alternatively, Cornwall Birding offers private tours for up to 4 people to include hen harriers and owls, along with other birdlife in their natural habitats. To be honest, in Cornwall, you will not have to travel far to see a bird of prey in its natural habitat so keep your eyes peeled and your camera at the ready.