Axeheads, Urban Axe Throwing, Pool

Date Posted: 4 Oct 2020

Looking for something a little different?

Now you can unleash your inner lumberjack (or is that Viking?) in Cornwall with a sport that is spreading through the UK, called urban axe throwing. It’s a thrilling test of your nerve and accuracy. A little primal, a tad hunter-gatherer, axe throwing it is also mindfully stress-reducing.

Axeheads is Cornwall’s biggest ‘urban’ axe throwing venue, established in 2018.

Situated just off the A30 at Heartlands, Pool, they offer you a chance to compete for an axe throwing bullseye. A one-hour session costs only £15, which includes expert guidance throughout – each instructor will have their own special style and talent when they show you what to do.

The aim is to throw an axe at a target, ideally getting as close as possible to the bullseye (like darts or archery, with a dramatic twist). Players can even compete in leagues and championships.

The whole idea started in 2006 in a backyard (hence, the ‘urban’ description) and was traditionally a part of lumberjacking competitions, but in Cornwall, this is an indoor activity, perfect for those cooler weather days.

Axe throwing is an amazing team-building event or simply a chance for some fun with family and friends. Suitable for ages 13 plus, it is alternative, exciting and pretty unique.

As a special incentive to our guests, Axeheads is offering an exclusive Cornish Secrets 10% discount code on checkout at their website, so simply enter SECRETS10 when you book.