Design is the secret to a good staycation

Date: 30 Aug 2020
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Design is the secret to a good staycation

Cornwall is an enduring choice for holidaymakers, with its spectacular scenery, craggy coastline and charming countryside. Here, you will find something to please everyone from arts to adrenaline sports, wonderful wildlife, historic landscapes, fabulous food and perfectly picturesque places to visit.
One thing we do not always have is brilliant weather (though better than many regions).
With the vagaries of the British summer, your choice of accommodation for your staycation is paramount in creating your perfect stay. This is why Cornish Secrets only offers high-end, high-spec properties, individually designed to enhance your visit.

By design, our holiday home owners invest huge amounts of time, effort and money to make their accommodation as beautiful and homely as it can possibly be for you, aesthetically designed to maximise light and space, to nurture your sense of wellbeing.

When you visit Cornwall on holiday, you want to relax, chill out, escape the everyday. The aim of all our home owners is in tandem with this.

Quite simply, they want to transform your life while you enjoy their property, so you have an amazing holiday to remember – and want to return to. Lasting memories are made in beautiful destinations like Cornwall, so to have a truly luxurious, yet efficient, base makes everything else seem smooth and easy.

We know your holiday is a massive part of your year. Now, more than ever before, getting things right is important.

Our environment plays an immense part in our wellbeing. This is where designers like Anna Dianne come in. From their new showroom in Mevagissey, this eco-driven business brings holiday homes to life, offering a team specialising in interior design, providing hand-picked blinds, curtains, lighting and soft furnishings, and selecting bespoke art pieces, all of which are part of a grand design to make your cottage the best it can be.

Cornish Secrets is now working with Anna to help holiday home owners to stylishly revamp their properties.

John Miller, co-owner of Cornish Secrets says:

Anna specialises in all things home, such as tailoring amazing sourced fabrics suited for specific homes, and in unique paints for interiors, right through to sourcing and bringing in unique one-off pieces. She works brilliantly with soft fabrics and furnishings and also designs and upcycles unique pieces of furniture to fit a property’s style.

She has a large creative team behind her and also has a maintenance team to look after the day to day upkeep of local properties. Anna also offers interior design services and consultancy to clients who want to transform their holiday homes.

Anna and Cornish Secrets decided to team up to offer a personal combined service based around any holiday home owner’s requirements, which also then provides the best service for holidaymakers, too.

The great news is that good design is not just for the rich and famous. Creating stylish accommodation with flair can even be done on a budget, although the homes selected for you by Cornish Secrets are always top of the range for discerning guests. You may even pick up some wonderful design secrets to adapt in your own home.

Good design can be challenging because people’s tastes differ so widely. Some wallpapers will fascinate one person while deterring another, so most holiday accommodation avoids dominating colour schemes, yet blandness is not much fun either. This is why design is so important.

Cornish Secrets holiday home owners have to choose their aesthetic and their audience. They never fail to create calming and tranquil holiday accommodation, which we showcase through beautiful professional photography on our property pages.

Coastal or Country?


A holiday home needs to reflect its natural surroundings with a subtle link to any heritage features. This is one reason why cottages and apartments often have a seamlessly put together theme. Interiors need to feel, for you, the visitor, personal, intimate and bespoke. Check out some of our really special, inspirational places with the wow factor here.

If you love light and bright clean lines, choose accommodation by the beach which tend towards a coastal/nautical theme, for style-conscious colour-coordinated reminders of the ever-changing sea. Cornish coastal style reflects the ocean.

Conversely, if you adore the countryside of moors, fields and forests, then country charm, refined traditional farmhouse style and luxe rustic themes which help you to reconnect with nature will be your chosen place.

To be fair, you are never far from the sea or countryside in Cornwall anyway, especially the farther west you go with its magnificent natural light.

Whatever your choices, adding love and magic to a holiday home gives it heart and soul. Good design makes you, the visitor, feel at home, welcomed but also indulged by a spot of luxury.

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