Coping in a crisis …

Date: 26 Mar 2020
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Coping in a crisis …

We all need to support each other at this time, being kind and careful, adhering to social distancing and staying at home.  Local businesses in Cornwall have been super-awesome in their support of their local communities, and Facebook is awash with community groups and small, independent businesses all keen to help others who are feeling isolated.  It is heartwarming.

Cornwall relies heavily on tourism and hospitality. Sadly, as you know, we are having to turn visitors away right now because the Duchy also has a large elderly population, and limited hospital facilities, so we need to be as caring and careful for them as possible.  We also want to take proper care of our visitors – if they become ill, they need medical facilities to be cared for and Cornwall does not have that capacity during this epidemic.

We really hope that when this crisis is over, our lovely visitors will return, be welcomed to our gorgeous properties, beaches, coastline and countryside, and help us once again to rebuild the local economy to recreate the hospitable Cornwall people love so much.

It is difficult to know whether we should still be posting lovely photos of Cornwall on our social media – does it cheer people up and make them look forward to better times ahead, or does it make them feel worse?  Please let us know.

Recently, we have been focusing more on helping people through the current situation, be they accommodation providers or visitors. So, for local communities and potential visitors alike, some of these links may help you to deal with the current situation.  Let’s all hope life will soon improve.



What to do when you can’t go out …

For those at home missing the chance to be creative, there are lots of zoom parties, such as this one, by Cornish artist Melanie Chadwick.

For a small monthly subscription you can try online Digital Theatre.

There is also on-demand Shakespeare and other theatre here.

Ballet and opera lovers can enjoy free performances during the crisis on YouTube.



A list of museums with virtual tours is here.

Twitter has a #showusyourshelves hashtag, focusing on the joys of reading.

There are live animal cams from zoos.

So, give these a try and feed back to us on our social media with your ideas.


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