The Secret to the New Year

The Secret to the New Year

Date Posted: 7 Dec 2019

New Year's Eve St Ives

On the 31st December, St Ives closes down it’s roads in preparation for the UK’s third biggest New Year’s Evening celebrations.

St Ives really goes to town with their celebrations. The infamous new year street party started off as a celebration for locals but it grew quickly and now attracts revellers from all over the country and even further afield. Expect a massive street party where everyone dresses up in amazing costumes from Mexican mariachi bands to giant seagulls and with everybody getting dressed up to the nines, it really kick starts the party atmosphere.

There is no admission charged but bars, cafes and restaurants will all have their doors open throughout the night, ready to welcome you in to warm up with hot drinks, food and somewhere to take the weight off your feet. Make sure to book ahead, as everywhere fills up quickly! If you prefer to stay outside or miss out on a sit down meal, then pick up something to eat from one of the many food stalls that attend this event each year.

You can also expect live bands performing around St Ives, providing all the music you need for a good boogie along with thousands of others around you. As Big Ben chimes for midnight, the town puts on a spectacular fireworks display that is best viewed from the harbourside. With the reflections in the harbour water making for a stunning scene and the crowd all joining with Auld Lang Syne, this is really a beautiful celebration to bring in the new year.

Families with small children might be ready to head home after the display to get some well earned rest but for those who can stay awake the party goes on well on into the first hours of the new year. Just let’s hope you don’t suffer too badly for it the next day!

If all this sounds like something you would like to come on down and see for yourself then check out our St Ives cottages for some inspiration.

With thank and all photo credits to Nick Pumphrey.