Mat surfing, a new Cornish craze?

Mat surfing, a new Cornish craze?

Date Posted: 26 Mar 2019

Low Inflation Nation

Ever wanted to try surfing but never thought you could?  Too difficult, too much hard work, and what if the board hits me?!  All the usual excuses you make yourself when you go on holiday down to sunny Cornwall and enviably on at the surfers, cruising down the blue faces as you sit taking in the sun.

Well, think again.  There are several viable alternatives you may never have seen or heard of.  One such marginal surfing sub culture is so underground most surfers have never heard of it.  I give you mat surfing…

Although you may think this is just a case of taking your inflatable sun bed out for a blast, you’d be very wrong.  These are specialist items, made by skilled craftsmen and often, just like surfboards, shaped to the requirements of a particular surfer.  Mat surfing can be as easy or as you want it to be.

For significantly less than the price of a surfboard, you can buy a surf mat and some swim fins, tuck them into your rucksack or beach bag, and you’re ready to rock.  Have we got your interest?  Good.  Then keep looking for the next instalment when we will be giving you a beginners guide to your next micro adventure.

SurfMatt 2
Matt surf 1
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