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Like so many visitors we were drawn to the magic and tranquility of Cornwall and felt no option but to surrender to her charms and relocate here. Our vision has always been to share that magic that touched us, with every visitor to these shores. It is not just a beautiful property that makes a holiday; but an authentic taste of Cornish Life that leaves a lasting impression.

We established Cornish Housekeepers in 2003 and have enjoyed the privilege of working alongside owners of some of the most unique and exclusive properties in Cornwall. With the commercialisation of the tourist industry, we felt it was time for the birth of Cornish Secrets who would present a truly authentic vision of Cornwall.

Cornish Secrets brings a fresh approach to holidays, providing you with the space, setting and information to create for yourself an amazing experience. We have taken extreme care to select properties that, whilst being individual and charming, are authentic representations of Cornwall at its best.

Whatever you desire from your escape, we endeavor to ensure that you return home from Cornwall having experienced the beauty and magic that saturates the earth here and seeps slowly into the hearts of so many.

Cornish Secrets are comprised of a team of knowledgeable and passionate individuals with a wide variety of skills and expertise. We can provide property owners with a complete range of services from design, management and internet marketing to all the small important personal touches, that make guests feel truly at home.

We also have some very fresh ideas and offer a truly bespoke tailored service to our owners, who can decide for themselves how they want us to assist them. To read more about this please visit our Owners Page.